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Introduction to Clinical informatics


About This Course

Basic introduction for Clinical Informatics for healthcare Professional

Course Outlines:- 1- Introduction to Healthcare (2 hours) 2- Computer Information Technology for Health Professionals (4 hours) 3- Introduction to Health Informatics:- (6 hours) Role of the health care professional. Impact of informatics on professional practice. Components of hardware and software. 4-Informatics in Healthcare Research (10 hours) Data collection:- 1. Qualitative: databases 2. Quantitative: lotus, spreadsheets Data analysis--qualitative and quantitative Data Presentation Social, ethical, and legal Issues Trends and directions for the future 5- Informatics in Patient Care Settings:- (14 hours) The EMR and the EHR HHS meaningful use criteria Next-generation nursing systems Health data storage and exchange Telemedicine Clinical imaging Automated staffing and workload systems Quality management Social, ethical and legal issues. 6- Health Informatics Capstone (4 hours) .


Healthcare Background and basic computer skills

Course Staff

Mazen M Salama

Cardiologist, Quality Consultant, and Data Scientist

Founder & CEO TQM Solutions Experts

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